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GraffitiCMS Going Open Source

Thanks in part to the many who forwarded, blogged, tweeted, and linked to my May 2009 plea to Telligent to turn GraffitiCMS over to the community, it now appears that Telligent will be doing exactly that.

graffiti-oss It was a little over six months ago that I posted a modest proposal to the powers that be at Telligent and to the remaining community of GraffitiCMS users: in effect, that GraffitiCMS should be converted to an open-source project, rather than be allowed to languish in ever-increasing obscurity.

At that time, the company stated that OSS was something they had considered, but had rejected in favor of continuing development in-house. At the same time, a major new upgrade was promised for Q3 2009.

With summer 2009 having come and gone without the promised upgrades, and with Telligent’s level of support for Graffiti waning from merely dismal to completely non-existent, it looked for all the world that Graffiti had finally flatlined.

But then, at about 3:45 PM Central time today, this little bundle of joyful news popped up on my Twitter stream:


According to Scott, this will be released under a straight-up standard OSS license, and not the “shared source” scenario the company has dabbled with in the past. Congratulations to Rob Howard, Scott Watermasysk, and the rest of the Telligent management team for doing the right thing.

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    1. Lamin Barrow avatar

      Cool. Graffiti CMS is like the wordpress eqaul on the platform. I actually read and bookmarked your previous post on the opensource or die future for grafiti cms because i enjoyed reading it so much. Glad it is happening now and i am looking forword to December 12. Thanks for the post. :D

      Lamin Barrow — November 25, 2009 10:03 AM
    2. Reuben avatar

      That's the best Christmas present! Thanks to the Telligent team, but full credit to your lobbying skills Lee.

      O for Awesome

      Reuben — November 25, 2009 4:59 PM
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    5. Hot Information avatar

      I have problem with change from wordpress to grafiticms. can help me ?

      Hot Information — March 26, 2010 7:59 AM
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      digital — March 26, 2010 3:19 PM
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