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SILVER-U - A Neat Way to Remember the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

Mnemonic devices are fun, aren't they? They're especially userful for remembering steps that are performed in a certain order -- like how to start a motorcycle, or how ASP.NET serves web pages.

I happen to be a certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor at Illinois State University. In our classes, we use the Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum, which contains all kinds of mnemonic devices to help student riders remember various motorcycle related procedures. Among these are such time-honored classics as T-CLOCS for pre-ride inspections (Tires and Wheels, Controls, Oil and Fluids, Chassis, Sidestand) and FINE-C for the engine start procedure (Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Engine cutoff switch, Choke and Clutch).

That's why I was pretty amused the other day when I happened to run across SILVER-U, which is a mnemonic device for remembering the ASP.NET page lifecycle. Here are the steps, along with the methods you'd most commonly want to handle or override at each step:

  • S - Start. (OnPreInit)
  • I - Initialize. (OnInit, InitComplete, OnPreLoad)
  • L - Load. (OnLoad)
  • V - Validation. (Validate)
  • E - Event Handling. (OnLoadComplete, OnPreRender, OnSaveStateComplete)
  • R - Render. (Render)
  • U - Unload. (OnUnload)

I thought this was kinda cool, so I'm passing it on.

Of course, this won't be replacing my all-time favorite, which applies equally well to ASP.NET as it does to life: PPPPPPP.

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    1. Dave Schinkel avatar

      That's exactly how it is too. Very nice. I've been looking for a nice simple way to remember all the events along with the model.

      Dave Schinkel — December 18, 2008 10:37 PM
    2. Madhanlal JM avatar

      We never forget Funny things.

      What a easy way to Remember. Thanks for SILVER U.

      Madhanlal JM — September 6, 2009 11:53 PM

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