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Warning: Studly Alert!

It’s kinda fun getting your picture in the local newspaper, isn’t it?

Yes indeed -- that’s me on the right, accompanying a story about motorcycle safety in the Decatur, Illinois Herald & Review.

Go ahead, soak in the eye candy. I’ll wait. ;-)

Now, quite seriously -- I would like to take this opportunity to remind folks that it’s now motorcycle riding season in most of the US, and that you cagers are going to be seeing a lot more of us two-wheelers out there!

Did you know that, according to the Hurt Report, the most common cause of multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles occurs when a motorist fails to yield the proper right of way? This happens quite frequently at intersections, when an approaching vehicle makes a left turn in front of, and crossing the path of, a motorcyclist.

Now that winter is over and spring is well underway, please be alert to the presence of motorcycles. Be aware that, because of our smaller profiles, it’s very tricky for a driver (you) to judge the speed and distance of an oncoming motorcycle. Remember that the next time you’re trying to decide if you can “make it” through that intersection, onto that side street, or out of that driveway or parking lot.

And to my fellow motorcyclists – I’m not letting you off the hook either. It’s your responsibility to ride within the law, within your limits, and to carefully consider the consequences of your own behavior in traffic. You might have also surmised from the photo that I’m an ATGATT guy all the way. If you have a brain that you consider worth protecting, you should be one too. That means motorcycle-specific gloves, jacket, pants, boots and a full-face helmet. Every time, no excuses.

It’s all a matter of caution, courtesy, and common sense, folks. Let’s all have fun, be friends, and share the road.

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