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Wrox Blogs Are Now Live!

Wrox Press has added a blog site, featuring posts from authors and key staff, to its lineup of great programmer resources.

Just a quick post to let you all know that as of this week, the long-awaited Wrox Blogs are now live at the Wrox Press website. The next time you visit, be sure to note the prominent link on the home page menu.



There are only a few of us there right now, but that number is sure to grow as more of your favorite Wrox authors jump on board.

The guidelines that Wrox has given us in regards to content is pretty wide open, as long as the topics are programming-related, or related to our writing or editing activities. I hope to use my own little corner on the Wrox Blogs to supplement the material I’m publishing here, especially that having to do with Wrox stuff that I’m reading, writing, or editing.

If you’re a subscriber to (and if you are, I sincerely thank you), you might want to consider subscribing to the Wrox blog as well, to make sure you’re getting all the good stuff!

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  • Subscribe to all the Wrox Blogs

As I hope to be starting on a new book very soon, I’m sure I’ll have lots of cool things to write about. Stay tuned!

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    1. Jef Claes avatar

      To bad that they don't refer to this blog, no?

      Jef Claes — October 24, 2009 7:31 AM
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      great post,thanks. .

      SEO Fighter — January 22, 2011 7:28 AM

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